The Influence of Financial Sphere on Democracy

Nowadays the question of finance has become the epicenter of public interest, the main topic of discussion, which sounds in offices, on the street, in the family, in all works of art. Money solves all social and personal problems. This is a symbol of social justice and freedom. To tell the truth finances build institution of democracy, they reject all differences between people, reject the evaluation of a person through his individual, personal qualities.

Almost all countries of the modern world came under the influence of any democratic structure. Liberal democracy was established in countries such as the United States, Britain, France and Canada, while in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe there was a socialist democracy that was the dominant system. The distressful situation in a liberal-democratic (or simply, so-called, democratic) system shows that this system, based on “Western values”, is not entirely blameless, as it is presented by its ideologists.

But what is the reason? Why can’t democracy please everyone? And why those “everyone” are generally the most wealthy ?

Actually in these countries democracy arose because of conflicts between the government and taxpayers. Taxpayers wanted to keep under control the expenses of monarchs, not to allow excessive extravagance. Democracy is a more or less acceptable mode of government where voters delegate parliamentarians the right to share their money. In a financial sense, a democratic state is not even a limited liability company, which is responsible for its obligations in terms of the authorized capital. Nevertheless, from an economic point of view, the state is a corporation for the production of special goods – public goods.

With money, democracy destroys itself after money has destroyed democratic spirit. But the spirit is traditional, as it was formed, a new spirituality arose, the infrastructure of which became and the money became established.


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