Online trading : this Nightmare dissembled in Fairytale

Before we begin this article, the entire building above is high-tech office in Herzliya Pituach, Israel, used at 80+% by online trading call centers.

Yeah, many miracles born there… But no one was realized, just dust in the wind

What’s that ?

Binary options allow a trader to bet on a particular event or scenario, knowing in advance the risk and profit parameters. Actually this industry owns millions of dollars. It uses thousands of people and usually deceives naive potential investors all over the world with a variety of corruption methods.



Different companies try to present binary options as the easiest and the most profitable way to earn. They promise that if somebody works in this market, he can have a stable income, which depends only on him. A lot of young people dream about job that provides high salary, good working conditions and career growth. And this is much more promising than being a low-paid specialist.

If you choose to trade binary options, you can become a free and independent person who receives a decent reward for his work, that’s why the youth consider binary options companies to be the best option.

At least it’s the dream which affiliate sites and brokers as IQ Option or ExpertOption try to sell you


But who rule this amoral scam ?

As soon as a person starts looking for a job and posts his/her resume on the Internet, he/she gets dozens of calls from binary options companies every day.

An ad for binary options firm Prime Sales featuring a still from ‘The Wolves of Wall Street” (Screenshot)

“The managers of the companies try to describe this job in the best light, as if it was a real fairytale. Their main aim is to involve you in this business. Very often they offer eye-watering salary, some tips, free food and coffee at work.”

The managers assure that all you need to do is just to call different people from different countries and incline them to invest the necessary amount of money (at least 100-250 dollars) into new financial scheme, which is called binary options.

And then ? It’s too late : for employees as for “investors”.

The clients of this financial scheme have to predict whether the currency would rise or fall in international markets during a certain period of time. If they predict correctly, they can earn up to 80% of the amount of the money they have put down. If they are wrong – they lose the entire sum. It’s important to admit that it’s not so simple. Moreover, it shouldn’t be assumed that it’s enough to start working, relying only on luck, and two days later it’s possible to become a millionaire. No intelligent person will ever believe this.

The managers and workers of binary options companies have to create the fake biography and present themselves as highly trained professionals with great experience in the trading field. Usually new employees have their own supervisors that teaches them how to communicate with clients, how to answer objections, how to keep them on the phone, etc.

But usually such activity is illegal, as the workers try to deceive their clients and to do everything possible with an eye on customers make unsuccessful predictions and lose their money.


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